Cider Hill Gardens & Gallery
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Cider Hill Gardens & Gallery

Dalily & perennial mix garden   1669.jpg
My hope for our customers is that they enjoy strolling through the gardens and that they gain inspiration to start their own garden, or add to their existing gardens. As they explore our grounds, I hope they see that gardening is soothing and relaxing as well as physically hard work—but work that gives one a sense of well-being.
— Sarah Milek, Co-owner
Herb Garden seen from grape arbor      1683.jpg

Pasture Fence in Winter (available for purchase)

I draw and paint from nature using nature’s poetry to produce my expression. The magic of our past and future will always flicker and be seen by those who open their eyes and spirit to life’s force.
— Gary Milek, Co-owner

Conn River After Mark Rothko (available for purchase)