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Peony Collection

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Peonies create a large statement in a perennial garden. The blossoms are voluptuous and their lush foliage is handsome all year long. At Cider Hill, we mainly grow the herbaceous species Paeonia Lactiflora and Lactiflora hybrids, which are grouped into five types according to petal shape—double, single, Japanese, semi-double, and anemone/ Bomb. We also offer Itoh AKA intersectional, and tree peonies, Paeonia suffruticosa, which do not die back, but form woody branches to eventually become shrubs.

Peonies make an interesting accent as a shrub border, or along a fence or wall, or combine well with other perennial flowers by providing a season of color during June. They grow best in full sun and love compost and fertile soil. Plant them in a large roomy hole to allow them to grow carefree and they will quickly become one of your most rewarding plants!

Come visit our peonies, blooming in June, and take home plants for your own peony garden. At Cider Hill we are passionate about peonies, and provide useful cultural information to help you succeed in growing yours.

Please see our extensive plant list below. We have more plants than we can list and not all plants are available at all times. Plants are sold only on site. We do not ship plants.

Peony Coral Supreme

Peony Coral Supreme

Peony Seashell

Peony Garden Treasure



Paul M. Wild


Angel Cheeks

Peter Brand Blaze

Charles White

Phillipe Revoir Chiffon Clouds NEW

Golden Dawn

Princess Margaret

Crinkled Linens

Mons. Jules Elie

Rachel NEW Coral ‘N Gold

Raspberry Sunday

Red Charm

Dainty Lassa

Red Charm

Salmon Glory Early Glow

Ursa Minor

Sarah Bernhardt Early Scout NEW


Sarah M. Napier Fern Leaf Hybrid
DOUBLE Serene Pastel Flame


Shawnee Chief

Foxtrot NEW

Brother Chuck

Shirley Temple Jack Frost

Camellia White

Solange Krinkled White

Dinner Plate

Souvenir de Louis Bigot NEW Little Red Gem

Double Pinks

The Mighty Mo Pink Luau NEW

Double Reds

Walter Faxon President Roosevelt

Duchess de Nemours

  Raspberry Rumba

Duchess de Orleans



Elsa Sass

Bo Peep

Scarlet O’Hara

Eskimo Pie

Bowl of Beauty Sea Shell

Felix Crousse

Brides Dream Silver Dawn Mix

Felix Supreme NEW

Dia Jo Kuan Soft Salmon Joy NEW

Festiva Maxima

Do Tell Squirt

Fern Leaf p. tenuifolia

Charles (Charlie’s) White Thumbelina

Fragrant Pink Imp

Cheddar Gold

Tom Eckardt NEW


Jan Van Leeuwen  

Glory Hallelujah



Harry Richardson

Lou Shenk Bartzella


Madame Butterfly Border Charm

Karl Rosenfield

Nippon Beauty Cora Louise NEW

Kelways Glory

Pat Victor Garden Treasure

La Pearl NEW

Polar King


Lady Kate

Prairie Afire Kopper Kettle

Lillian Gumm

Sword Dance Prairie Charm

Lillian Wild

Westerner Scarlet Heaven

Madame de Verneville

White Gold  

Marietta Sisson


TREE PEONY P. suffruticosa

Martha Reed NEW


Kaoukamon, dark maroon

Mary Brand

Abalone Pearl Lavender suffruticosa

Mons. Jules Elie

Buckeye Belle Pink suffruticosa

Mons. Martin Cahuzac

Coral Charm

Renkaku, white

Mrs. Euclid Snow NEW

Coral Supreme Terpsichore, NEW coral pink

Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt

Edulis Superba Wu Long Peng Sheng, deep rose

Nick Shaylor

Paula Fay Yacivotsubake, pink

Ozark Beauty

Petite Elegance  




Buckeye Bell Peonis Giclée Print by Gary Milek

Buckeye Bell Peony Giclée Print by Gary Milek, available online.

Border Charm Peony Giclée Print by Gary Milek, available online.


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